“Life and time are constantly changing and escaping our grasp. In my paintings, I try to capture this never ending

transformation and the reflective processes associated with it.

I work using several fine layers of paint, to create pieces that are on the fine line between abstraction and figuration. Empty spaces are fundamental parts of my compositions. My palette is subtle and I apply delicate brushstrokes to obtain smooth, diffused, serene images.

My work is an invitation to pause, reflect, and abandon oneself to a path of discovery into the beauty and peace of what is simple, fragile and ephemeral: our journey through life.”

I am an Argentinean artist, living and working in Switzerland.


Since I left  home in Argentina more than 20 years ago, I embarked in a transformative journey, that took me to live in many countries around the world, and deeply influenced my artistic language.


I work primarily with oils and watercolors, and my paintings are reflections and witnesses of my nomadic multicultural life experience. I explore the topics of ephemerality, impermanence and fragility of life. My work can be found in collections in USA, México, Switzerland, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, and others.


In México (2011 – 2015) I studied painting with master Manuel DeRugama, and photography at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía.

I continued my studies of Painting and Art History in Belgium (2015 -2020), at the École des Arts de Braine L’Alleud.


Short after relocating to Switzerland in 2020, I created OPEN STUDIO, where I organise and guide art workshops for the international community in the Basel area. I focus on encouraging participants to discover their own artistic voices, no matter the amount of experience they have, so they can tell their unique stories through the art they create.

Interview with Apapachos dede Europa podcast





Artbox Project Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland


The Holy Art Gallery - London, United Kingdom



Galerie Katapult - Basel, Switzerland



Latin American Women collective exhibition - Brussels, Belgium                                                         



SLAACE 2019  - Salon Latino Americaine D'Art Contemporaine - Brussels,  Belgium                                     

Triennale des Artistes Peintres  - Waterloo, Belgium



Triennale des Artistes Peintres - Waterloo, Belgium

Stories from Far and Near - Green Gallery Waterloo, Belgium



Cover illustration : Las Hijas del Feriante by Maria Escalona -Universo de Letras - 2019

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