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In a world crowded with noise, I would like to make a proposition, an invitation to be quiet, and, at the same time, embrace the idea of fragility and ephemerality. There is beauty and peace to be found there.

The newest pieces of the Silence Series are reflections on the feelings and emotions we cultivate along our journey through life. While creating and observing them, I see renderings of my “andares” (a Spanish word that most closely translates to a blend of wandering and journey). Each piece focuses on a particular feeling, together depicting the vastness of the human experience. 


I work with a single reduced palette of primary colors in oils, to create unique tones and values that I apply in several thin layers. This process generates a subtle harmony between depth and smoothness. I embroidered each piece with handmade 24k gold thread, representing the “andares”, we all walk, with their wonderful imperfections.

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