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It has always been a necessity for me to share the creative experience with artists, spectators, friends, communities. The shared experiences, the exchanges, the space to observe and listen, consider different points of view, learn from others, nourish the creation process and expand it to infinite possibilities. This is precisely where the idea of creating the OPEN STUDIO space comes from.


This is a place to meet, to create, investigate, share. The possibilities are endless and the limits only exist within ourselves.


I facilitate and guide individual or group creation projects, sharing what I have learnt and exploring together.

My studio is located in Oberwil, BL, Switzerland. Visits by appointment.

Small group workshops

Individual sessions

Exhibitions tours

Local artist's Studio Visits

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I value so much your insights and contributions to each of our creative processes, which are unique and so diverse. Working in a group workshop context is very motivating and inspiring. I was very surprised by the diversity of materials that are available in the studio!


As I had never painted or participated any artistic activity, everything was super valuable to me: getting to know the different materials, techniques, being able to share what others are doing and getting to know what I like and what I am able to do.


I am very happy with my decision to participate in the workshop. I love the opportunity to learn something new in total freedom with your guide, which I find close, empathetic and full of knowledge. Thank you so much for letting me create without censure and giving me the autonomy to express myself.


Working in the studio helped me learn not to be so rigid and letting myself be carried away by what arises at work, experimenting with different materials


I love the dynamics of the group, your disposition to each idea that we bring, all different and your attitude is always very positive. Thanks.


The relaxed atmosphere with good energy makes one feel free and comfortable to try new things, make mistakes and create. Silvia's range of options / materials and proposals allows everyone to choose her path.


I greatly appreciate the beautiful and warm atmosphere that is generated in the Studio. Motivation and respect for what each participant can or is interested in doing and expressing through painting.


I value Silvia's knowledge and good ideas, her way of communicating, her patience and at the same time her pleasant and affable character.
The group has made me feel comfortable.


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