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Seeing the unspeakable

New exhibition of my Silence Series in Basel

It is with great pleasure that I extend you an invitation to Galerie Katapult's exhibition of my Silence Series.


The pieces for this show have been carefully selected to offer a glimpse into my intimate universe of painting as a medium to convey the ineffable. The exhibition will provide an immersive, poetic environment, inviting you to delve into the depths of each painting’s narrative.


Alongside my works, you will have the opportunity to experience the captivating creations of Saajid G. Zandolini and Rahel Schmid, artists who, like myself, share a language of serenity and peace in our pictorial explorations.

Silvia Salvagno- Oil painting 2024
Download PDF • 14.31MB


Join us on Thursday, March 21st, for an evening of art, poetry, and introspection as we celebrate the power of visual expression to transcend words


On the evening of Saturday, March 23rd, Saajid G. Zandolini will launch his new book "Das Unsagbare Sehen - Seeing the Unspeakable." Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Saajid about his philosophy and his journey as a mystic and painter.

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