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Here is a quick glimpse at the opening of TIME OF LIGHT last night at @galerie_katapult. What a wonderful evening sharing art and meaningful conversations with family, friends, artists, and art lovers.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and showed so much love and support. You are the most wonderful community I could wish for, and my heart is full and beyond grateful!

A special thank you to the wonderful collectors who had chosen many of the pieces in these collections. I can already imagine these works being part of your daily life, bringing light to your dream houses by the sea, a peaceful touch to your working space… I feel incredibly honored to share your journeys and dreams through my art. Your trust and support mean the world to me.

Thank you to Diana and her team at Katapult for your trust in my work, and for organizing this amazing exhibition.

I wanted to share with you the critic review I received from IKAL Independent Art - Belgium platform dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Latin

American artists in Europe:

“Silvia's skilfull watercolor paintings are full of sensitivity. Through them, she shares an intimate and sacred space where her feminine voice is deeply felt. The delicate and organic botanical forms are subtle and yet powerful as if they were to speak of a woman's stronghold and sensitiveness. By looking at her series, it is as if she would invite us to join in her mindful creative process and reflect on our precious and vulnerable lives...

Her preparatory works where she writes down her reflections, some notes, or thoughts on paper, enrich greatly her final works. They speak to one another making a great composition.” Carla Sanchez Cordero - curator and founder of IKAL Independent Art., Thank you Carla & Marcela @ikal.independentart, for your support all along my artistic journey!

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